Companies Act 2014 – Get to know the numbers

Companies Act 2014 – Get to know the numbers

There are a handful of sections in company law that are known to lawyers, accountants and many of their clients by the section number.  We have selected the key provisions under the old legislation and set out the equivalent under the new.

Remember a couple of these and impress your friends!


Topic Old Law Companies Act 2014
Substantial property transactions involving directors etc. S.29 S.238
Prohibition on loans to directors and connected person S.31 S.239
Giving of financial assistance by a company for the purchase of its share S.60 S.82
Restriction of directors (court order) S.150 S.819

(See S.818 – S.836 for restriction generally)

Meaning of “holding company” and “subsidiary” S.155 S.7



“holding company”
“wholly owned subsidiary”
“group of companies”

Remedy in cases of oppression S.205 S.212
Circumstances in which a company deemed unable to pay its debts S.214 S.570


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