Feel Good February!

Feel Good February!

As part of ‘Feel Good February’, Reddy Charlton organised a Step Challenge to encourage us to get out in the fresh air and pound the pavements.  As many of us are working from home, it was a great way to bring the firm together for some friendly competition!

So seven teams of 4 were picked and we all logged our steps using the “Count-It” app.  We were able to keep an eye on the progress of each team and each individual.  The challenge was for a period of 2 weeks and the coveted title of “Reddy Charlton Step Champions” went to the team with the most steps.

Everyone put in a tremendous effort despite some initial technical difficulties, informal inquiries and the unpredictable Irish weather!

The winning team (Michael, Johnny, Niamh and Maeve) clocked up a total of 831,250 steps (although there is a rumour circulating that Johnny attached his “Count-It” app to his dog’s leg and let him loose!)

A special prize was also awarded to Róisín O’Brien who clocked up 318,580 steps.

Our first step challenge was great fun and as we allow our aching joints and blistered feet to heal, we’re already planning our next challenge.